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Faculty initiatives and academic programs have enhanced the quality of life for many. In turn, the University is grateful for the opportunities and support provided by its community partners.

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Peggy Naleppa

"Peninsula Regional Medical Center would like to thank and recognize Salisbury University for the important role that it plays in the training and education of our future health care professionals. Just as you and your colleagues care and nurture the minds and spirits of those you teach and train each and every year, we at Peninsula Regional care for and nurture the physical and emotional needs of our patients, their families and friends each and every day. It takes a special group of people who dedicate themselves to a career in health care and one that demands our special attention and commitment to ensure that we have an adequate number of well-trained and highly qualified individuals to provide that care today and on into the future.

"We know how important Salisbury University is to our regional economy and community and how fortunate Peninsula Regional is to have such a wonderful academic institution in our backyard training and preparing health care providers representing a variety of disciplines. They are our future and the reason why I am confident that the residents of the Delmarva Peninsula will always have the quality of health care that they have come to expect."

-- Dr. Peggy Naleppa, President/CEO, Peninsula Regional Health System

* * *

Norm Conway

"From the original 'State Teachers College at Salisbury' to today's 'Salisbury University,' providing opportunities for careers is the tradition! A gem that everyone can be proud of in our community—Salisbury University."

--Maryland Delegate Norman C. Conway, 38th Legislative District, Wicomico/Worcester counties and chair, House Appropriations Committee

* * *

Jamie Raskin

"My legislative office is widely hailed as one of the most effective in Annapolis, and the reason for that is the extraordinary staff I have. My chief of staff, Alice Wilkerson, first came to Annapolis as an SU PACE student to intern for another senator, but then found her way onto my insurgent senate campaign in Montgomery County in 2006. With her raw brainpower, extraordinary understanding of both politics and public policy, and marvelous work ethic, Alice quickly became an indispensable force on my campaign. When I won, it was an easy decision to ask her to come with me to manage things in Annapolis. Alice has a brilliant command of legislative process, great integrity, and a clairvoyant ability to know what I am thinking and what I will need in my next hearing, on the floor or in a caucus meeting. She is simply sensational. The only time Alice ever takes off from the legislative session is to go to PACE meetings back at Salisbury, and she has managed to get me invited there a few times. I have been awed by the program—the quality of the teaching and the seriousness of the students. In the last several sessions, Alice has recruited first-class PACE students to our office. Katie Kerner and Shima Daneshpour were passionately devoted workers and fast learners who made great contributions to my office. In the last two sessions, Kasey Wright has been a magnificent asset in my office, bringing ceaseless intellectual curiosity, a winning touch with people and a remarkable ability to keep many things going at once. I asked Kasey to run my reelection campaign this year, and she is off to a dazzling start. SU’s program is second to none and a major force for good public policy in Maryland."

-- Maryland Senator Jamie Raskin, 20th Legislative District, Silver Spring/Takoma Park

* * *

Nathanial McFadden

"Each year we pick an intern based on the needs for our office and the type of experience the student has. This year we had Jonathan Phipps, a senior at Salisbury University. Mr. Phipps came into my office and worked very well with my staff. He learned quickly the ins and outs of how to handle different situations in the office. He researched bills and presented on bills in committees on my behalf. The internships are learning processes for all involved: the elected official and student. We learn from each other and work to make our state a better place."

-- Maryland Senator Nathaniel J. McFadden, 45th Legislative District, Baltimore City

* * *

Jenny Schmidt

"Salisbury University has long been committed to educating its students and the community about the importance of being “green.” The University shares our vision that books promoting environmental stewardship will inspire children to act responsibly. To that end, both faculty and students helped create the Newton Marasco Foundation’s national Green Earth Book Award in 2005. As our collaborative partner, SU highlights the Green Earth Book Award ceremony and its winning authors during the annual university Children’s and Young Adult Literature Festival. They work with us to bring winning authors to local elementary schools and SU student workshops to teach the environmental message to our future stewards."

-- Jenny Schmidt, National Director of Programs, Newton Marasco Foundation

* * *

Jim Ireton

"University and city relations are stronger than ever. When SU students are assisting our community in beautification efforts, when we break ground on the new Perdue School of Business, when we co-sponsor sustainability efforts, or engage the public in political discourse at PACE, I know as a graduate of SU, myself, that the city and University are moving forward hand-in-hand."

-- James Ireton, Salisbury Mayor and 1992 alumnus of SU

* * *

Rick Pollitt

"One of the great experiences I have had serving as Wicomico County’s first elected executive has been the opportunity to work closely with President Dudley-Eshbach and the outstanding members of the Salisbury University administration. SU’s roots grow deep into our county’s history. Whether one considers the numbers of our children educated here, citizens employed here, cultural diversity provided here or the regional pride generated here, Salisbury University has become part of the heart and soul of our community. I have been the grateful recipient of outstanding work provided by student interns from the Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, and have often drawn upon the many resources provided by SU. I truly believe we are getting closer to our goal of making Salisbury a “university town” and not just a "town with a university."

-- Richard Pollitt, Wicomico County Executive

* * *

John Fredericksen

"The Wicomico County Board of Education collaborates with Salisbury University to increase the effectiveness of ongoing PreK-12 instruction by inviting SU students into our classrooms as observers and student interns. SU students help by bringing a renewed sense of excitement and a fresh look at the newest research in educational effectiveness to the classrooms and faculty meetings. We also conduct leadership-level training with SU to keep current with emerging trends in educational research and learning effectiveness. Overall, we consider SU staff and students to be true partners in our educational enterprise, building a solid base for America’s future. "

-- Dr. John E. Fredericksen, Superintendent, Wicomico County Public Schools

* * *

Sandy Fulton

"The success of tourism can only be measured by the contributions that are made to us through our stakeholders. Salisbury University has, for the past several years, become a great partner to Tourism. For example, there is always a representative from SU at all of our board meetings helping us to guide our membership with the tasks at hand. Having ties with the University has helped all of our members become more aware of the importance of this campus to our county. Wicomico County Tourism is so very fortunate to have an institution like SU in its county and also to be playing such an important part in our existence and our growth. "

-- Sandy Fulton, Wicomico County Tourism Director

* * *

Suzanne Murray

"Your students organized the most wonderful blood drive SU or any other university has ever had, second only to the one we had following the terrorist attacks of 9/11. We had 139 sign in and collected over 100 units of blood. One of the nicest aspects of the draw for our people was that the donors came in educated about being well hydrated and eating well before donating. Those two things make a big difference in how many students have reactions, and this blood drive had the fewest reactions of any in the past seven years. Congratulations to your students for an excellent job. You should be very proud of everyone involved.""

-- Suzanne Murray, Marketing Account Executive, Blood Bank of Delmarva

* * *

Brad Bellacicco

"Salisbury University has made Salisbury different and better than other communities its size. The students, staff and faculty contribute to our community’s character, and its alumni are leaders across our region."

-- Brad Bellacicco, Executive Director, Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce


* * *

"Salisbury University was one of the primary reasons for locating our microwave filter business in Salisbury. Clearly, the quality and reputation of the educational program, including the arts and athletics, help to provide, attract and maintain a world-class workforce. We are very fortunate to have an institution of this caliber in our community."

-- Kevin Bernstein, President, Lorch Microwave, and 1992 Alumnus of SU

* * *

"The American Cancer Society has benefitted tremendously from Relay For Life at Salisbury University, both through funding of lifesaving programs and volunteer outreach. SU students, the leaders of tomorrow, have stepped up to make a difference in the future of cancer for the past 9 years by fundraising and volunteering through Relay and also by promoting cancer awareness and prevention throughout the campus through their chapter of the American Cancer Society's Colleges Against Cancer. Some $700,000 has been raised since Relay at SU’s founding in 2002, with thousands of students and community members participating.

Hundreds have devoted many hours to organizing and managing Relay as a committee member through the years, as all Society events are run and led by volunteers. Several students have been so enthralled with Relay and the ACS’s mission that they have redirected their learning and career paths towards the medical field with a cancer focus. Several have taken jobs with the ACS, and a few actually work with the U.S. government and are focused on better health care that will reduce cancer mortality and incidence rates. The American Cancer Society is absolutely thrilled with the resulting relationships that have come from the Relay partnership between the American Cancer Society and Salisbury University."

--Debbie White, Community Manager, American Cancer Society

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