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Perdue Undergraduate Handbook

Table of Contents

This Handbook contains general information and is intended for use by undergraduate students from all business majors. For university or major specific requirements, please refer to your catalog.

Mission and Vision Statement

Chapter 1: Advising

Advising and Expectations Closed Courses
Program Planning Perdue School of Business Department Chairs

Chapter 2: Undergraduate

General Education Requirements Academic Requirements Report
SU Catalog INFO 111
Majors/Minors Academic Policies

Chapter 3: BS Requirements

Gate Admission (BS requirements) Graduation Requirements
Graduation Application Process Professional Develop BUAD 300

Chapter 4: BA Requirements

BA Requirements Graduation Requirements
Graduation Application Process  

Chapter 5: Campus Resources & Programs

Career Services Probation Program
Friendly Contacts Tutoring
Perdue Clubs The Center for Student Achievement
Probation Program  

Chapter 6: Parents


Chapter 7: Steps for Success

Tips for Success from your SBLs Business Student Code of Professionalism
Yearly Goals