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Helpful Hints

  • Courses such as PHEC 106 cannot be repeated, even with a different activity. Credit for the original course will be subtracted from total hours.

  • Students cannot take Geology and Physical Geography as their two lab sciences, as those areas are in the same department. They must take Biology, Chemistry, or Physics as the other lab science.

  • Students wishing to take courses at another institution must have them pre-approved by getting a “Request to Study at Another Institution” form from the Registrar’s Office and obtaining the appropriate signatures. Please note: Only “C” or above grades will be accepted from transfer work once students are SU matriculated students (No D’s)

  • Completion of all course requirements on any checklist does not equal 120 credits. Students typically need some free electives to earn 120 credits for graduation. The degree progress report lists credits completed up to the present semester. Please confirm with the student that s/he knows number of credits remaining.

  • Students concerned about missing or mis-evaluated transfer credits are to be referred to the Admissions Office for resolution of those issues.

  • When in doubt about anything regarding a student’s academic record, call the Advising Services Coordinator (3-6097) while the student is there or e-mail the question and please include the student’s ID#.