Add a Class

  1. Enter the University's Web site at Follow the link at the top right corner of the main page for GullNet.
  2. Follow the link at the top right corner of the main page for GullNet.
  3. On the left side of the page you will see a button that reads "Log On." Clicking here will allow you to enter your user ID and password to gain entry to your GullNet account.
  4. Enter your user ID and password. If you have not set up your GullNet menu, first click on the layout link, select three columns and proceed by clicking the personalized content link. Check menu and deselect all other options. Then click save.
  5. On the left-hand side you will see a menu bar that lists "My Favorites," "SU Custom," "Self-Service" and more. Click on "Self-Service." A group of links will appear. In the center column, on the top, is a link to "Class Search/Browse Catalog." Select this option.
  6. Next, choosing class search will take you to the class search menu. Here you may enter the specifications for the classes you'd like to take. First, select the term and year you in which you intend to take a class. Select a course subject from the drop-down menu and enter the course number if you know it. Be sure to specify whether you are searching for an undergraduate or graduate class. And uncheck the "show up in classes only" box so that you can include all the classes in the search. Selecting additional search criteria expands the menu to provide options for a narrower search, for example, by specifying class times or days of the week. But for a more comprehensive list, leave all this blank.
  7. Click the green search button to display a list of all classes that fit your criteria.
  8. Now, because we unchecked the box for "show open classes only," we are able to view all the sections that are offered in the course. If the course has been closed for any reason, such as the enrollment limit has been reached, you will notice a blue square and you will be unable to add that class. An Add/Swap form is available at the Registrar's Office, and if a professor is willing to let you in the class, they will need to sign that form. To fill out the form, you will need to copy the class information from the course description page: the class number, the subject area abbreviation, catalog number, section number, credit hours, and undergraduate or graduate designation. Note that during the Drop/Add period you need only have the instructor sign, but after this period, the department chair and dean's signatures must be obtained as well. However, if the class section you desire is open, there will be a green circle next to it. Click select class. This will bring up the class details. If these are all what you want, select next.
  9. This will bring you to a screen that says your class has been added to your Shopping Cart. Click "Start a New Search" to add more classes.
  10. After you have selected your last class, click "Shopping Cart." This will show you a list of all classes you have selected as well as whether they are open or closed. If the open enrollment period has begun and your advisor has activated you to enroll, you may check the boxes of the courses you want and proceed with the enroll button. Be aware that although classes that have time conflicts or overlap may be added to your cart, you will not be able to enroll in both.
  11. Verify that the information is correct in Step 2 and select "Finish Enrolling." The next page will show if it was successful. If you successfully enrolled in the course, a green check mark will appear beside it. If a red X appears, you are not enrolled in the class. Read the message to find out what went wrong. If a permission number is required to add the class, you will need to receive that number from the department.