Student Conduct
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Welcome to the Office of Student Conduct

Contributing to Citizenship, Integrity and Ethics

What We Do

Housed within the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Student Conduct supports the University's educational goal by helping maintain a campus community in which high standards of courtesy and integrity are practiced by every member. Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Educating members of the campus community about applicable policies, regulations and statuses governing their behavior
  • Upholding community standards at the University, in the local community and beyond through the investigation and resolution of alleged violations of the University's Code of Conduct
  • Encouraging learning outcomes, personal responsibility and accountability, as well as responsible decision-making
Student Responsibility
Standards and Rights Educational Mission
As members of our academic community and society at large, students have rights and responsibilities, and are expected to comply with the law, in addition to university and campus policy. The Office of Student Judicial Affairs serves the campus by enforcing student conduct standards and by upholding student rights and responding to student grievances. SU works with students, faculty, administrators and staff to promote academic integrity, ethics, and student learning in a safe and civil campus environment.

Salisbury University Promise

  • I will connect what I learn with how I live.
  • I will demonstrate personal and academic integrity.
  • I will respect diverse groups and individuals.
  • I will strive to bring honor to the University as well as myself