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Emily Baqir Emily B is a senior English (creative writing) and Communication Arts (journalism/public relations) double major. She hopes to either be a PR agent or go into publishing, whichever she can find a job in first. She could talk about her recent semester abroad in Italy, dogs, and the various fandoms she wishes she could major in 24/7, 365. When Emily isn't in the UWC or class, you can find her trying to appease her still bitter cat Ivan (he didn't appreciate being left with her parents for three months), drinking Italian wine, and plotting how she's going to meet and marry Chris Evans (Capt. America). The Salisbury native's passions include glitter, her yellow Lab Dixie ("the cutest, but dumbest dog you'll ever meet,"), crab dip, and Earl Grey tea. 
Daniel Bishop Daniel is a second-semester junior here at Salisbury majoring in Accounting. He is a Salisbury native, but plans to move to either Philadelphia, Washington DC, or New York after he graduates in May of 2017. This is his second semester working in the University Writing Center, and he is very passionate about the work that he and his fellow colleagues do. He enjoys his job here at the UWC and he puts lots of care and effort into every session when he sits down with a student. He is a very enthusiastic individual with a strong drive for adventure. Traveling is his favorite thing in this entire universe, and one day he plans to travel the world without end. He is also a HUGE aviation aficionado who is obsessed with everything related to flying. He plans on either being a pilot one day or working in a management position at either an airline or an airport. He is looking forward to another great semester here at Salisbury University!
Emily Considine

Emily C is an awkward turtle, a senior, and an English major, in that order. Emily’s pursuing a dream of becoming a novelist or an editor, whichever she can get into first. She also thought she had a crush on Paul Revere in the sixth grade. . . but that was before she really knew what he looked like. Her guilty pleasure is reading copious amounts of astrological horoscopes and she likes to collect stud earrings. She’s from the dirty Jerz’ too, but don’t be fooled by the Oompa Loompa pigment to her skin, writers – this tan is real.

Charlotte Covey

Charlotte is double majoring in Psychology and English with a Concentration in Creative Writing. She is going to graduate a year early, but plans to attend grad school in order to avoid real life for a few more years. She is from St. Mary's County where nothing interesting ever happens. She's played Cinderella in two different plays and talks about boys to anyone who will listen. In her free time, she goes to concerts and writes poetry. She wants to be either an English professor or the next Paris Hilton.

Sam Cowie

Sam is currently a junior who is studying exercise science with a minor in psychology.  She plans to become an Occupational Therapist to work with veterans or people on the autism spectrum.  Her favorite TV shows include Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, and The Office. Her love of the oceanic atmosphere of the beach causes her to sometimes wish she was actually a mermaid. She’s president of Best Buddies and a member of the exercise science club. During the winter months you can find her rooting for the New Jersey Devils or hitting the slopes.

Nicole Demme Nicole is an English major with a concentration in laughing until she cries. She is a junior with minors in psychology, French, and Pinterest. She enjoys long walks on the beach and cats. She sometimes believes she has narcolepsy, but she is actually just a tired old grandma stuck in the body of a 20 year old. Her hobbies include listening to rap music, pretending she knows what she's doing at the gym, and crafting with her sorority sisters. 
Caitlin Lake Caitlin is a junior dual majoring in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a minor in Biology. This is her second semester working at the Writing Center, and she loves working with all of the different students that come in for help. Along with working here, Caitlin also plays softball for the university and is a member of the education club and SAAC. She is originally from New Jersey and makes this well known. In her free time, Caitlin eats lots of pizza, binge watches Netflix, and spending copious amounts of money on barrels Saturday nights. She loves her dog Bella and napping around campus. Let the record show the boy pictured is Caitlin's cousin.
Grace (Bio and picture are forthcoming)
Lindsay Montanye

Lindsay is a senior elementary education major with a minor in English. She is a member of two honor societies on campus: Phi Eta Sigma and Kappa Delta Pi. She also loves to volunteer at the local Humane Society. After graduation, Lindsay's goal is to become a second grade teacher. A quote that Lindsay lives her life by is: "Never regret something that once made you smile." - Amber Deckers

Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie is a Social Work major with minors in Psychology, CADR, and fandoms (Marvel, DC, SuperWhoLock, etc.). She is in her junior year at Salisbury University, although her advisor believes she is a super-senior due to the amount of random credits she’s collected over her past semesters. She recently studied abroad in Scotland and she can often be found drowning in the pool at Maggs during swim practice for the school’s swim team. In her free time, she reads, sleeps, eats, watches Netflix, or listens to groups such as Pentatonix or The Piano Guys, which she is very disappointed that not many people know about. When she grows up, she plans on becoming a school social worker or guidance counselor for high school students. 

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Annabel Bonnett Annabel is a senior from Montgomery County, Maryland. Her major is Communication Arts with a focus in journalism and public relations, and her minor is marketing management. Her favorite pastimes include watching Netflix, dancing with her roommates and eating. She is currently interning at the Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council as an event planner. 

Briya (Bio and picture are forthcoming)

Payam Shoureshi Payam is a senior majoring in Chemistry ACS Certified. He's a member of Bellavance Honor Program. His name is Payam, but everyone calls him Pie because he is as sweet as pie. When he is not bubbling up concoctions in the lab, he enjoys trying new foods and cooking! He's originally from Persia and he loves to meet new people. In his down time, he likes to draw and sketch. He loves working at the Writing Center because it gives him the chance to communicate with others and engage in the diverse student body here at SU. He's also an SI leader at the Center for Student Achievement (CSA), so if you have any problems in chemistry, please let him know.
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Dr. Nicole Munday Dr. Nicole Munday is the Director of the Writing Center and an Associate Professor in the English Department. Prior to her career in teaching, she worked as a journalist, focusing primarily on political reporting and feature writing. Her interest in writing centers began when she worked as an undergraduate writing consultant at her alma mater, the College of William and Mary.
Gayle Metzger

Gayle Metzger is the Project Manager in the Writing Center. She earned a Master of Arts degree in Composition & Rhetoric from Salisbury University in May 2015, and has worked as a writing consultant in SU's Writing Center for the last five years. One of her favorite aspects of being a writing consultant is learning about other subjects from the writers who come into the Writing Center. She loves dogs, reading young adult book series, and organizing any and everything, in that order.

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis is the Administrative Assistant in the Writing Center. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance, and she aspires to one day own her own dance studio. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest and HGTV, wishes she had as much culinary know-how as the Barefoot Contessa, is a firm believer in the Oxford comma, and could watch each I Love Lucy episode a million times and laugh every single time.

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