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Writing Across the Curriculum


Holloway Hall

Informal Writing Assignments for Business

Professionalism and Ethics of Financial Planning
Developed by E. Tylor Claggett
The intent of this assignment is to provide the audience rudimentary instruction as to what Financial Planning entails and how to apply some of these professional and ethical principles to a basic, typical, and somewhat realistic scenario. 
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The Function of Bankruptcy Laws in our Society
Developed by Susan Cabral
The purpose of this assignment is to have students reflect on the function of bankruptcy laws in our society and determine whether selected provisions of the Bankruptcy Code serve or frustrate this function. The questions are designed to raise moral and ethical issues as well as issues of social utility. I hope to engage students at the high end of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning scale. Students are asked to read "profiles" of people who are filing for bankruptcy as a concrete starting point for their reflections. 
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Current Issues Paper
Developed by Tom Calo
The purpose of this assignment is to identify current issues that are occurring that relate directly to the content and objectives of this course. HR is affected directly and indirectly by legal, social, political, and economic issues occurring at the moment. To see the relevance of these current issues, each student will write a 2-3 page paper on a current issue to HR. 
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Reflection Paper
Developed by Tom Calo
The purpose of this assignment is to develop insight into the implications and lessons learned from a deep reflection on an assigned course reading.
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"New Business" Contributions
Developed by Christy Weer
Each class will begin with a poll of new business items. These are brief ("sound bite") reports on events (in the news--front page, business, or sports section; Salisbury University; your personal experiences) pertinent to organizational behavior.
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