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Salisbury University
A Maryland University of National Distinction

Web Development Office

Information For Faculty

The Web Office provides support and training for faculty websites and other academic initiatives on the University website.

FAQS & Resources for Faculty

  • All faculty have personal web space. The physical location of this web space is P:\htdocs(for PCs) or Personal Folder > htdocs (for Macs).
  • The web address or URL for your website is: ~username translates to ~ (tilde - upper left of keyboard) followed by your SU username as in ~tvsmith)
  • No server side technology is available for the faculty personal sites, but accommodations can be made if you need web applications. Contact us directly or fill out the online web work request form.
  • Download Faculty website template ( view template in use opens in new window)
  • To use this page as your faculty homepage, follow these steps:

    1. Open this page in your browser:
    2. Click File > Save, select "All Files" for the "Save As Type" drop-down, and add the ".htm" extension to the file name.
    3. Save the file to your P:\htdocs folder - Username on 'nas\personal' (P:).
    4. Update the page using Expression Web or SharePoint Designer 2007:
      1. Click File > Open Site (Site > Open Site if using Expression Web)
      2. Browse to P:\htdocs.
      3. Click Open - your site should open.
      4. Once you are finished, save the file as welcome.htm, or change the file name to welcome.htm. This file will be come your faculty home page.

        Note: you may already have a file called "welcome.htm"- you will overwrite this file if you continue.

Faculty FP

Several faculty members have web sites at For access to these sites, please see the instructions located at:

Salisbury University 1101 Camden Avenue Salisbury, MD 21801 410-543-6000