Calendar Name: Wellness
Event Category: Day Seminar
Start Time: 01:00
End Time: 02:00
Event Date: Friday, November 1, 2013

» Keynote Speaker David Mercier

Mercier has met the enemyand the enemy is us.

In his own practice, Mercier often finds that once he deals with the outward symptoms, he is able to discuss with his patients the true root of their problems. And often these problems are caused by poor lifestyle and work choices.

Headaches and insomnia can come from the contours of our lives, which are in turn shaped by our values and priorities. The headaches and insomnia can come from eating poorly and not exercising, which come from not having enough time, which comes from being too busy at work, which comes from the desire to have a certain income.

Most of our problems are self-induced and the author blames this on the myth that happiness is the freedom to indulge without limits our overindulgent lives. Mercier points out that watching a sitcom with beer and chips in hand doesnt inspire us to lead our best lives, or to seek the heights of human possibility. In other words, we are often our own worst enemies.

Calendar Name: Wellness
Event Category: Fairs
Start Time: 09:00
End Time: 01:00
Event Date: Friday, November 1, 2013

» Inaugural Holistic Health Fair

Join us Friday November 1st and get inspired and motivated with our special guests! Then enjoy a day full of local holistic vendors, workshops with healers and educators from the area, yoga demonstrations, and other holistic services that promote wellness for the body, mind and spirit!